yesterday I was made a very generous offer in the event that worse comes to worst and I have to choose between part-time, low income work that actually advances my career, and the high-income/apartment guarantor providing golden cage of English teaching. Basically, Japan is full of semi-abandoned houses that are too old to sell and still in their respective families, and… well, I’ll have access to one should the worst happen. I’ll help with the upkeep whether they want me to or not, but otherwise it’s rent-free. Even after 7 years, I continue to be humbled by people’s willingness to help a near-stranger in a tight spot. I don’t care if the T family was farming rice or shoveling cow poop in the Meiji era–to me, they are samurais. Of course I’ll continue to look for my own way, but it’s nice to know that it won’t come down to my dreams being wrecked by an inability to come up with key money.

最近一番不安なことはお金じゃなくて、アパートのことです。基本的に、外国人が大家さんに信じてもらうためには、大きい会社か英会話スクールとかが必要です。私の場合、本当に最悪です。日本語レベルアップのために、バイトをします。でも、今の機関やカフェとかはアパートを維持できないかもしれません。そうすると、「最悪な英会話スクールしか入れないね。」 でも、『トー様の家族は私に 「他のオプションがなかったら、前のおじちゃんとおばちゃんの家に住んでもいいよ」と言いました。彼らは私のことをよく知りませんが、助けてくれます。本当にありがたいです。




boxing day

Had a bit of extra time while the boyfriend went to do some bank-related things, so I wrote a cover letter to a 6-month program. it would be a slight departure from what I’ve been doing (more finance-related), but it’s paid and would give me experience in an area where I’m a bit weak. If I get it, it would probably be a good opportunity for making contacts, but I don’t know… making compost might actually be more interesting, and I still think I’m more of a scientist than a businesswoman.