New Year

the clock struck 12 midnight on January 1st, 2013 without much fanfare as it does in my own parents’ place half a world away. (12:03 “Hey, it’s New Year.” “Oh. Yeah. How ’bout that.”) The T family doesn’t go to the shrine on new year or anything like that, much like a lot of families don’t go to Midnight Mass but everyone around the world just kinda thinks they do. it’s just as well; I was never one to make a big deal out of New Year’s, it tends to be depressing if you think about it too much. Instead, I prefer to think of every day as a new opportunity, with no need to wait until New Year or springtime or the new school year to get going; in fact using these so-called milestones can be a great way to procrastinate on it. That said, I want to pass JLPT 2 this year. and any time I find myself getting anxious, or generally falling into a cycle of despair, I’m going to say the phrase “adorable kittens.” Because, come on..

.adorablekittens adorablekittens2


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