one last dance with Mary Jane

Once upon a time, there was this hooker. Let’s call her Mary Jane. She got along all right whoring, but after a while she decided she didn’t want to do it anymore, that her real talent was hairdressing. So she went to a hairdressing school, did well, and graduated. Normally, all would be well, except she had a slight speech impediment that she’d have to overcome before she could become a full-fledged hairdresser.
While she was working on this speech impediment, along came a rich businessman who was kind of like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, except Asian. Anyway he offered Mary Jane a job as his full-time escort. The pay was much higher than what she had been getting as a common street corner trollop, and there were health insurance benefits and free breakfast and lunch as well. In fact, the pay and benefits were better than she’d get as a hairdresser, and the businessman didn’t mind her speech impediment either. In fact, he found it very sexy. She knew that she could really use the money that this businessman was offering, but she’d be pretty much locked in for at least a year.
“No, no, no…” she shook her head. “I studied too hard, spent too much money on that certificate, and have come too far to go back to whoring. I just can’t go back… but fuck, I’m 30 years old and have no house and no money. What the hell should I do?”


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