Hell(o) Work

Hello Work my ass. At the insistence of various well-meaning persons, I went to the employment office to register myself as an incompetent asshat aspiring employee of an environmental company or CSR division. the gentleman I talked to all but wiped his ass with my CV and told me my cute little Business Japanese class was all well and great but utterly meaningless.

As if I were expecting to be employed tomorrow, FFS. I KNOW my level isn’t there yet. It’s as though I have “entitled” written on my face, when it’s not that way at all.

Anyway, I muttered to the Captain of the Douche Canoe that I’d like to see him get work in another country, to which he responded… nothing. Because he doesn’t speak a word of English. and yet, he has the right to lord over anyone who doesn’t speak perfect Japanese.

Judgmental hypocritical prick.


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