Well. It has been some time.

And the good news is, it’s because I got a job. A real one.

Funny how it happened: I finally sucked it up and asked for help from the place where I did my internship. The very day I verbally accepted another English teaching job, my contact/headhunter asked me to come down to a certain house that houses the exact kind of work that I do. Well, almost. It’s a lot more education-oriented. However, the Big Boss wants projects and workshops to be more based on data and research which is… well, what I do. And he also wants to be more “internationalized.” It’s like it was made for me. I spent a good few months wondering if it wasn’t too good to be true, like the bubble would burst at any second.

Well, yes and no. The job is still mine. The paychecks are still coming, and the translations I do would be really expensive to outsource, and I bring in lots of foreign tour participants once they hear that they can get the tour in English. The financial case for my being there is strong.

So why do I still feel like I don’t deserve it?